7 Reasons to Get A Bra Fitting Today

Recently, it has come to my attention that a lot of women are afraid to have someone fit them. Ladies, being fitted for a bra is extremely important. I know it's weird, letting someone you don’t know that well feel you up, and examine your breasts. The whole experience just reminds us of our awkward high school proms. Not unlike your prom date, we totally care way more about your breasts than the bras. Unlike your prom date, we only want you to be comfortable. Angie is a professional who will help you find the right size bra.
Even if you swear you're wearing the right size, I can almost guarantee you're not. Eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra. That’s 80%. That is a huge percentage of women walking around feeling uncomfortable all day. Wearing the wrong size bra can lead to back, shoulder and neck pain. Ill fitting bras can also lead to major health problems if you go too long without fixing the problem.
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1.You Should Value Your Comfort
If your bra cuts your breasts in two then you're wearing the wrong size bra. Every time I see a celebrity walking down the red carpet with breasts spilling out of their gowns a small part of my cringes. She cannot be comfortable! If you're having trouble getting your girls to stay in your bra, it’s too small! Additionally if your bra is riding up your back, or if it leaves red marks on your skin, then it isn’t the right size.
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2. Ill Fitting Bras Can Cause Damage 
If your bra is too small, this could cause the breast ligaments to stretch ultimately causing them to lose their natural shape. Wearing a bra that is too tight for hours a day, will squeeze the breasts, making them lose their form, which will cause sagging. Wearing a bra that is too large won’t support your breasts properly either, this can make them loose as well. These problems are completely avoidable. Getting a professional fitting will help you keep your breasts from sagging for as long as possible. Why wouldn’t you get a fitting if it could alter your breast sagging timeline?! We’re pretty much handing out magic here!
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3. Wearing the Wrong Size Bra Can Cause Health Issues 
There are major health risks related to wearing an ill fitting bra. Wearing a bra that is too small can lead to problems with your lymphatic system. This system is necessary for you to be able to drain fluid containing waste and toxins. This fluid flows from your breasts into the lymph nodes in the armpit. If these channels are compressed, by a too-small bra, it can affect your tissues. This can cause swelling, pain, swollen and irritated breasts, nausea, and fatigue. In extreme cases a blockage left untreated could cause lymphedema. Don't get lymphedema! Get a bra fitting instead! 
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4. Bra Fittings Are Painless 
Expect your bra fitting to be quick and easy. Everyone expects that it will be awkward and uncomfortable, but that really isn't the case. Angie is a professional who takes two measurements, one under your breasts for the band size and one around the breast for the cup size. You don't even have to take your shirt off. After she measures you she'll bring you lots of different bras in your size. Once you put them on she'll make sure they fit you correctly and that your breasts are staying in place. 
Be patient while selecting your bras. Don't just assume that because you're a 36G that all 36Gs will fit you. Bras are a lot like shirts or jeans. A 10 in one brand is a 7 in another. You'll need to try on each bra to see which one fits you best.  
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5. Our Bodies Are Constantly Changing
As women our bodies change constantly. The food we eat, how often (or rarely) we exercise, how much water we drink, can all affect our bodies. Our hormones change all the time, our weight fluctuates, our bodies change. Getting a fitting regularly is important to be able to keep up with these changes. Additionally, having a bra that fits one day but not the next is totally normal. Since these changes can occur almost daily, it’s normal for you to go up or down a size overnight. For this reason we usually recommend keeping a size up and a size down in your favorite bra. 
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6. You Need to Replace Your Bras Regularly 
When you replace your bra totally depends on how much you wear your bras, and how large your breasts are. The recommended amount of time is every six months. Some of us can make our bras last a little longer with proper care. Women with bigger busts are going to need to replace them more often, simply because you lovely ladies need more support. If your elastic is gone, if you’re on the last hook, or if it isn’t comfortable, toss it and come see us! 
 Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Bralette
7. A Good Selection is Necessary 
You really need about eight to ten bras that fit you correctly. This will ensure you don’t wear the same bra everyday, or twice before you wash it. Wearing the same bra for a couple of days (even though everyone does it) will cause them to lose their elasticity faster. The more the merrier! 
All this considered wearing the wrong size bra simply isn't worth it! The wrong size bra could lead to back, shoulder and neck pain, breast sagging, and even lymphedema. Wearing the right size bra, will help you be comfortable throughout the day, avoid pain, and slow down breast sagging! Ladies 80% is just too many. We need to stop making ourselves uncomfortable. Our lingerie should make us feel fabulous. Let’s bring that percentage down by getting fitted every time we buy a bra, and replacing our bras that don’t fit correctly.
Our mission is to ensure that the ladies who come into our store leave happy. We’re not just here to sell gorgeous lingerie. We’re here to make sure that lingerie fits you correctly, supports you, and makes you feel amazing. We will be more than happy to set up an appointment with you and help you get the bra size you need!
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