Seven Lingerie Sins We've All Committed

You may think you're doing right by your lingerie drawer, but if you've committed any of these sins you might need to take it up with the lingerie gods. If that is the case we'd like you to know that hope is never lost. It is never too late to change your lingerie habits! 


Monica Lace Teddy


1. Pride

Being proud of your lingerie is one thing, showing them off when you aren’t supposed to is another. Your sexy, lacy underthings deserve to be shown off!! Just remember time and place is everything! 


Harper Cutout Bra & Open Back Panty Set


2. Sloth

Being lazy with your lingerie is unacceptable. Please, please, please take proper care of your lingerie. I know how busy and hectic life can get. Throwing your lingerie in the washing machine is SO much easier, but in the long run you’ll get more out of your investment if you take proper care of it. Hand wash your pretties in luke warm water, and lay them flat to dry. You’ll start to notice they stay soft, and last a lot longer. Pulling your new pretties out from the dryer with holes and scratches is not a good feeling. Stop being a sloth! Start being fabulous! 


  Monique Babydoll


3. Lust

We all want something we don’t have. Rather it be more lingerie or a better body for showing off said lingerie. We have to stop doing this. We have to stop drooling over the ‘perfect’ model body and killing ourselves trying to fit into an unrealistic size. Be comfortable in your own skin! This is why we carry bras up to size O and lingerie up to 4X! Everyone deserves to feel sexy in their own body. 


Nicole Caged Lace Garter Chemise

4. Jealousy

We can not be jealous of lingerie that we can’t afford. There's no reason for it! You don’t have to be a millionaire to afford gorgeous lingerie. There are a TON of affordable options for all shapes and sizes in our store. No reason to be jealous!


Elomi Charley

5. Greed

You have to stop hoarding all your lingerie that doesn’t fit anymore. THROW IT AWAY. I know it’s hard. You and that bra have been through a lot together, but if it's falling apart, you need to toss it. All your doing is postponing the inevitable. The elastic is non existent, you have no idea where the underwire went, and its faded beyond belief. Throw it away and come get yourself a brand new one! There is no reason for your lingerie drawer to be filled with useless items!


 Ava Hollywood Chemise & G-String Set


6. Gluttony

Stop buying cheap lingerie just to have a better selection. If your lingerie was on sale at a department store, chances are it’s going to fall apart in a week. Yeah, it’s cute, but it won’t last long. Stop spending money on quantity and start spending it on quality. Treat yourself to lingerie you'll want to wear everyday. 


 Catarina Fishnet Halter Teddy with Studded Wrist Restraints

7. Wrath

We have to stop putting others down for their lingerie choices, appearance, success, ect. Being a woman in today’s society is already hard enough without other people posting mean comments. I don’t care who you are, it is NEVER ok to try and bring someone else down. If your going to be mean you might as well stop being a coward, and give the person you're being mean to a chance to dish out what you can't take. That being said I would just LOVE if the haters would stop hating, and come try on our NEW lingerie selection. 


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